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Dermot Turing presents at the Reagan Library

This page contains links to a biography of Dermot Turing, notes for event organisers designed to ensure a successful event with no last-minute technical or other hiccups, details of how to source books for sale at events and photos that you are free to download and use in promotional materials for events he is involved in.

Sourcing books for events

  • If you are using a local bookstore to arrange the sale of books, please make sure you give them at least two weeks’ notice to get stock in. You will need to agree with them how many books you expect to sell.
  • If you can’t make arrangements with a local bookseller you can order books direct from Macmillan, The History Press’ distributor on a sale or return basis. This process will require at least three weeks’ notice in order to set up an account and have books mailed. Apply online here or call: +44(0)1256 302 692. Any remaining books will need to be arranged to be picked up and returned to Macmillan.

Sourcing Photographs of Alan Turing for a Publication or Documentary

The Turing family transferred its archive of photographs of Alan Turing to King’s College, Cambridge. They are held as part of the Turing Digital Archive under reference AMT/K/7. Requests for permission to reproduce any of these photos can be sent to or by post to: The Archivist, King’s College, Cambridge CB2 1ST.

Photos available for download (please note some require attribution)

Dermot Turing at Bletchley Park
Dermot Turing portrait photo
Dermot Turing presents the Alan Turing award
Dermot Turing - artistic pose
Dermot Turing (black and white)
Dermot Turing in Oxford

Photo by K T Bruce

Dermot Turing 417A3931

Photo by K T Bruce

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