Dermot Turing speaking at the Ronald Regan Library 2016

Resources for Event Organisers

Dermot Turing presents at the Reagan Library
Click here to find resources to help organise a successful event

Resources for Journalists

Dermot Turing at Bletchley Park
Click here to access a biography of Dermot Turing, photos of Dermot Turing to download and information on how to access photos of Alan Turing.

Resources for School Students

Dermot Turing with Alan Turing memorial statue in Manchester
Dermot Turing and the Alan Turing Memorial Statue in Manchester. Click here to find information that will help students doing a school history project on Alan Turing.

Cool Links

From The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis, Alan Turing, 1952.
From “The Chemical Basis of Morphogenesis“, Alan Turing, 1952. Click here to find links to projects and websites about Alan Turing and his work.
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