Dermot Turing

Writer and Speaker

Dermot Turing is the acclaimed author of Prof, a biography of his famous uncle, The Story of Computing, and most recently X, Y and Z – the real story of how Enigma was broken. He is also a regular speaker at historical and other events. He began writing in 2014 after a career in law.

Dermot Turing – like his celebrated uncle Alan Turing – was educated at Sherborne School and King’s College, Cambridge. After a doing a D.Phil in Genetics at Oxford, he concluded that scientific research was not for him, and moved into the legal profession.

Dermot worked for the Government Legal Service and then the international law firm Clifford Chance, where he was a partner until 2014. His specialism was financial sector regulation, particularly the problems associated with failed banks, and financial market infrastructure.

As well as writing and speaking, Dermot is a trustee of the Turing Trust. He is the Bletchley Park Visiting Fellow at Kellogg College, Oxford. He continues his interest in the financial world.

Dermot lives in St Albans in Hertfordshire. He is married with two sons, and as well as history his interests include cooking, gardening and opera.

Reviews of Dermot Turing’s books

X,Y and Z – the real story of how Enigma was broken
‘Turing unearths a remarkable tale of intellect, bravery and camaraderie that reads like a nail-biting spy novel.’

PROF Alan Turing Decoded
‘A sympathetic, engagingly-written biography;’  ‘wonderful and inspiring.’

The Story of Computing
‘I enjoyed this book. It takes a thoroughly entertaining and mostly non-technical look at the past, present and future of computing.’

News & comment

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