X, Y & Z describes how French, British and Polish secret services came together to unravel the Enigma machine. It tells of how, under the very noses of the Germans, Enigma code-breaking continued in Vichy France. And how code-breakers from Poland continued their work for Her Majesty’s Secret Service, watching the USSR’s first steps of the Cold War.

Listen to Dermot Turing talking to Polska Półka – the Polish Bookshelf Project about the contribution of Polish cryptographers to breaking the Enigma code, the meaning of their story in today’s world, and his latest book, “X, Y & Z: The Real Story of How Enigma Was Broken”.

Find out more by reading the flyer here, or listening to Nathalie Genet-Rouffiac from the French Ministry of Defence talk about the Bertrand archive and the importance of collboration in WW2 and more recently in the research for X, Y & Z.

Nathalie Genet-Rouffiac from the French Ministry of Defence

Turing unearths a remarkable tale of intellect, bravery and camaraderie that reads like a nail-biting spy novel.

Joanne Baker, Nature, September 2018