Dermot Turing

Dermot Turing – like his celebrated uncle Alan Turing – was educated at Sherborne School and King’s College, Cambridge. After doing a D.Phil in Genetics at Oxford, he concluded that scientific research was not for him, and moved into the legal profession.

Alan Turing

Alan Turing and the Turing family

Alan Turing was born into a traditional British Empire family: his father worked in the Indian Civil Service, and his brother John (Dermot Turing’s father) was born in India. Alan, however, was born in England and never visited India.

The Turing Trust

Trustee of the Turing Trust

The Turing Trust supports education in Sub-Saharan Africa by reusing computers and improving teacher pedagogy. It also provides skills development in the UK, reduces waste and contributes to en environmentally friendly society. It was founded by Dermot’s son, James Turing, to support  schools in Ghana, Liberia and Malawi with over 5700 computers delivered and 55,000 students supported to date.

Bletchley Park

The Bletchley Park Trust is a charitable company established in 1992 to preserve the historic site of World War II codebreaking for the nation. Since then the Trust has secured funding to preserve the iconic codebreaking buildings and to transform the assets into a world-class museum and visitor attraction. Bletchley Park does not receive any central government grants and is dependent on ticket and sales revenues and donations. The mission of Bletchley Park goes beyond the provision of a museum, and it has in particular a thriving learning team.


How can I get hold of photographs of Alan Turing for a publication or documentary?

The Turing family transferred its archive of photographs of Alan Turing to King’s College, Cambridge. They are held as part of the Turing Digital Archive under reference AMT/K/7. Requests for permission to reproduce can be sent to archivist@kings.cam.ac.uk or by post to: The Archivist, King’s College, Cambridge CB2 1ST.

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