How can I get hold of photographs of Alan Turing for a publication or documentary?

The Turing family transferred its archive of photographs of Alan Turing to King’s College, Cambridge. They are held as part of the Turing Digital Archive under reference AMT/K/7. Requests for permission to reproduce can be sent to archivist@kings.cam.ac.uk or by post to: The Archivist, King’s College, Cambridge CB2 1ST.

Is it true that Alan Turing committed suicide, or was his death really an accident?

It’s clear from the pathologist’s report that the death was a suicide. All parts of his body were affected by cyanide. The story of an accident was part of a plan put together to help Alan’s mother cope with the death. Find out the full story in chapter 11 of PROF.

'Brain' expert took own life. Manchester Evening Chronicle, June 11th 1954
Manchester Evening Chronicle, June 11th 1954

What do you think about The Imitation Game?

Enjoy the movie, but remember that Hollywood doesn’t make documentaries! The real story of Bletchley Park is best found out by visiting the site, and to find out what Alan Turing was really like to work with see chapters 6 and 7 of PROF.

What do you think about the Royal Pardon given to Alan Turing in December 2013?

In September 2009, the UK Government issued a formal apology to Alan Turing, and in 2013 the coalition Government issued a Royal Pardon. The pardon seemed odd because it singled out just one gay man from the nearly 50,000 who had been convicted under the same legislation for the same offence. Yet another Government brought into law the Policing and Crime Act 2017, which has been trumpeted as correcting the problem, except that gay men who are still alive do not get their pardon automatically, but have to apply to the Home Office. Justice has not yet been done.

I am working on a student project – can I get an interview with Dermot Turing?

Postgraduate and undergraduate students are welcome to make an enquiry through the website – please give as much detail of your specific area of research as possible.

Each year dozens of Eighth and Ninth Grade students from all across the United States request an interview to help with their project on Alan Turing. These projects are a great idea, but it’s not possible to do all the interviews requested, and not fair to choose to do some but not others – so the answer has to be no, unfortunately, to everyone. Some alternative sources, which students may find useful in addition to Prof – Alan Turing decoded are the Alan Turing website run by Andrew Hodges and the Turing Archive for the History of Computing.  Also, don’t miss out on the papers available on line at the King’s College archive.


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